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Easter Dress

Special mid-month sex scene! it was necessary for the role.
Nikki is excited to attend Easter services this year, she's home for college break and is trying on for the first time this nice dress she bought a few weeks back. She loves the way it looks on her! she trots downstairs and runs into her Uncle who is staying with her family for easter, he tells Nikki her step-mom wants her to call her, she does, at which point her step-mom asks Nikki about the dress, her step-mom asks Nikki to send a selfi of the dress to her so she can see for herself if it's appropriate enough for easter. After seeing the dress Nikki's step-mom INSTRUCTS Nikki to take that dress off and put on the same EASTER DRESS she has worn the past six years. She says to Nikki that her dress is TOO SLUTTY!! Well Nikki is not happy at all, she reluctantly goes back upstairs and changes into that EASTER DRESS, she can't even get it to close and thinks it looks ridiculous on her. She goes downstairs and asks her Uncle's help in buttoning the dress. Her Uncle inadvertently (or so we think) puts his hands down Nikki's back, he then has to excuse himself to immediately go UPSTAIRS! Nikki comes up to find him masturbating!! Nikki now is thinking that if her step-mom thinks she's such a slut, MAYBE SHE SHOULD ACT LIKE ONE!! and slips into bed with her UNCLE!!