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cheerleaders Updates

Aften & The Frat House Phantom

Such a treat to have a model like Aften on staff who is willing to do a scene like this and totally gets the whole entertainment thing! let me tell you many a model would not be up for a video like this, but hey, it's halloween month!
There is an urban myth going around campus about a certain frat house that apparently is haunted. Last year, A PHD Student (SEE THE GHOST & THE PHD STUDENT) had a very bad experience there with a certain phantom.. Well the most popular sorority on campus has been thumbing their noses at the myth and now have been dared for to have each member come alone to walk through the frat house. The sorority has taken the frat boys up on it and selected new pledge Aften to be the first to do the walk through...


Head Cheerleader

Sam just found out she made head cheerleader! she's super excited and goes immediately to "personally" thank Coach Deacon for making it happen. Let's just say Sam has a very SPECIAL way of showing gratitude! we could also title this clip 'Cheerleader Head"! very hot!

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