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Self Pleasing Updates

Check out Aften in this dress! she's been looking awesome lately! hot scene!
This is the spicy sequel to SEXUAL TENSION that was posted a few weeks ago. After what happened in Vegas, and then a few days later in their parents bedroom, Aften just assume they put it behind them but for her step-bro, not so much! he walks into the living room where Aften is hanging out wearing only his boxers! Aften gives him a hard time and tells him his boxers are the last thing she wants to see! After he leaves though, Aften wanders back in her room and suddenly feels aroused, she kicks herself for feeling that way but it's beyond her control! she pulls her panties off and starts to touch herself, her step-bro walks by her closed door and hears his name in her moaning! he opens the door and catches her masturbating! Aften denies she was calling his name but he's not buying it, he knows and she knows it's definitely happening and there is nothing either of them can do about it!