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Wild Game Of Strip Guts

Who doesn't like a threesome? that's why we will be bringing you more multi-girl scenes this year! in our endless effort to please!
Yes there is penetration in this one, there should have been more but the light was fading as the scene went so long!
Coco's been a little naughty lately so her step-dad grounded her, he did though allow for her friend Kylie to come by to hang out and keep her company. The two girls decide to play a game as Kylie suggests they play GUTS, a game she just learned this year in college, and of course in college they play STRIP GUTS! so our two girls grab some cards, pull up the chairs and strap themselves in for a wild game of STRIP GUTS! once naked the stakes go way up! now a losing girl must do any DARE the winning girl gives her, it gets pretty sexual very fast and it's not long before it involves Coco's Step-Dad! Coco was getting tired of the way her friend kept defending him even though he grounded her, now's her chance for revenge! Kylie is down for the dare but the only way she is going through with it is if Coco joins her!


Aften & The Frat House Phantom

Such a treat to have a model like Aften on staff who is willing to do a scene like this and totally gets the whole entertainment thing! let me tell you many a model would not be up for a video like this, but hey, it's halloween month! There is an urban myth going around campus about a certain frat house that apparently is haunted. Last year, A PHD Student (SEE THE GHOST & THE PHD STUDENT) had a very bad experience there with a certain phantom.. Well the most popular sorority on campus has been thumbing their noses at the myth and now have been dared for to have each member come alone to walk...

Tags: Blow Jobs cheerleaders Full Sex Humiliation
aftenandthefrathousephantom aftenandthefrathousephantom aftenandthefrathousephantom

4th Of July Spirit

Introducing River! All natural girl-next-door type with a terrific attitude and body! also attending college in the south, she's a keeper!
You'd be hard pressed to find anyone as patriotic as River! so it's no wonder that the 4th Of July is her favorite holiday! Frustrated with all the division the USA has been through this past year, River has taken upon herself to bring people together one neighbor at at time! How will she manage that?? well her lucky neighbor Mr Johnson is about to find out!!

Tags: Blondes Blow Jobs Full Sex
4thofjulyspirit 4thofjulyspirit 4thofjulyspirit

You Used To Call Me Dad

In honor of Father's Day this Sunday we have a tribute to a GREAT DAD, Kylie's step dad has continued to support Kylie even after her mom divorced him! as he strongly felt that you divorce spouses, not the kids. When Kylie's mom and dad got a divorce, her step dad told her she was always welcome at house, Kylie so appreciated that, especially since her dad was such a big part of her life growing up! now 18, Kylie has been having issues with her mom so she decides to take her old step dad up on his offer.. it also gives Kylie a great chance to *reconnect* with her step dad. One could certainly...

Tags: Blow Jobs Brunettes Full Sex
youusedtocallmedad youusedtocallmedad youusedtocallmedad

Easter Dress

Special mid-month sex scene! it was necessary for the role. Nikki is excited to attend Easter services this year, she's home for college break and is trying on for the first time this nice dress she bought a few weeks back. She loves the way it looks on her! she trots downstairs and runs into her Uncle who is staying with her family for easter, he tells Nikki her step-mom wants her to call her, she does, at which point her step-mom asks Nikki about the dress, her step-mom asks Nikki to send a selfi of the dress to her so she can see for herself if it's appropriate enough for easter....

Tags: Blondes Blow Jobs Full Sex
easterdress easterdress easterdress