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Wet Scenes Updates

Wild Sorority Pool Races

We once again end the month with a bang! and what's a Spring Break without sorority girls?? and who wouldn't want four of them naked and of over you in pool!
Aften, Kyler, and River are pledging Beta Pi Sorority and are nearing the end of rush week as they wait to hear from pledge chair Julie as to what ordeal they will have to go through today, when they receive the text it appears Derek from I PHELTA THI fraternity is coming over to judge them as they must split into 2 TEAMS and engage in POOL RACES! Derek firsts asks them to STRIP TO THEIR UNDERWEAR as he FILMS them for the rest of his fraternity! then they can put their clothes back only to have to enter the pool IN THEIR CLOTHES! Now for each race, the losing team must strip first down their bra and panties! then each girl must give Derek a lap dance in front of everybody! it gets worse from there.. if they lose again they have to be STRIPPED NAKED by the other team!! it doesn't stop there as it gets A LOT MORE SEXUAL!! Imagine being Derek and getting a BLOW JOB then having SEX with 4 SORORITY GIRLS at the SAME TIME!!


Strip Soccer Madness

A wild summer threesome video to as we near the end of August! We shot so many crazy outdoor summer scenes this past month that will be sure to heat up your fall! How about a 4 girl sorority pledge pool sex video? yeah we got that too! rest assured we've been busy! Euro-bros - we got you, we did STRIP FOOTBALL a few weeks back and now it's Strip Soccer! For us guys, we all know what it means to be hustled, some of you are old enough to have seen the movie "The Hustler", so you'll know what I am talking, and for most girls, like River and Aften, they have zero clue, and they are...

Tags: Blow Jobs Embarrassment Full Sex Humiliation Wet Scenes
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Shower Service 2

While home for school and now a bit too old to babysit, Cadey was missing the Miller's house and especially Mr Miller. She decides to pay him a visit not knowing exactly what she'll do when she sees him. Fate kind of steps in as she walks through the house and stumbles upon their nice shower in their large master bathroom. She decides to take off her clothes right there and hop in the SHOWER! Mr Miller comes home and is SHOCKED to find a naked Cadey showering in his bathroom! He asks her what she's doing and her only response is to suggest he JOIN HER! Well, what do you think Mr Miller would do?...

Tags: Blondes Brunettes Wet Scenes
showerservice2 showerservice2 showerservice2